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Simple Mind (2012)

  I do believe this is the shortest film I ever reviewed. A 7:22 min’ thriller about a man who discovers his inner dark fantasies while in a therapy session. I love me a good thriller, especially ones that deals with sick twisted minds. Severe psychotic disorder in its correct medical term, or simply people who are completely… Continue reading Simple Mind (2012)

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Dirty Books (2016)

A cool short film from Fitch Fort Films production company, directed by Zachary Lapierre, here’s a tale of an eager kid who’ll stop at nothing to save his printed high school magazine from the online doom. When David gets the bad news of his high school Gazette turning into an online blog, he’s determined to save it no matter what, seeking… Continue reading Dirty Books (2016)

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The Breakfast Club + Sia

The Breakfast Club I’ve had a very cultural week. It started off with a cinematic throwback to the 80’s watching The Breakfast Club for the trillionth time and yesterday I got to see Sia perform here in Tel Aviv. Let me hear you say “Yeah”! Wednesday morning was a bummer. I totally forgot about having to… Continue reading The Breakfast Club + Sia